La Cloche d'Or is becoming the new reference address for businesses in Luxembourg. They will appreciate the location in relation to motorways (A6, A4, A1 and A3) and public transport (see the Luxtram project which linked Findel / center / station / Cloche d'Or), the efficiency of office space, the energy performance of new buildings, the proximity of services, the supply of housing in the same neighborhood, the visibility along the new boulevards.
Located 3 km from the City Center of Luxembourg, this new district, based on the principle of functional diversity, will bring together all the components of a City: schools, a rescue and training center, luxury residential buildings, tertiary buildings, as well as a shopping center of 75,000 m2 of international scope, including the new Auchan.
A landscaped park of 20 hectares, the largest in the city, will enhance the site.
The district of La Cloche d'Or is at the heart of the Greater Region, a European grouping of cross-border cooperation that brings together territorial divisions of Germany, Belgium, France and Luxembourg. This exceptional geographical location, which places Luxembourg at the crossroads of different cultures and significant European logistics flows, is a major asset for future users of the district.